Silicone Bulb 

Premium FDA-Grade silicone makes our bulb soft and flexible. Creating an easy grip for fitting any hand seamlessly. 


Our design includes a wide mouth opening. This allows for proper cleaning so mildew doesn't grow. The same wide mouth makes it easy to fill your bulb with fluid. Parts 'click-connect' easily apart and together. 


Our soft and replaceable 'click-connect' tips make for an easy and hygienic use. Use our tips and dispose of them when you feel necessary. 

Water & Air Valves

The water valve allows water out with no back flow. This keeps your Du free of dirty fluid. Keeping everything clean.

Our air valve allows air in so that all fluid may be used. Air flows in creating pressure needed to squeeze. No need to remove Du from your bum while douching.

Dip Straw

Douching shouldn't be a yoga class! That's why one of our favorite features is the removable dip straw. Pulling water from the bottom and out through the top. Allowing you to stand straight up while using. 

Take the removable dip straw off when in need of traditional douching. 

Du is for you 

We have put our hearts into Du. We want you to know that this was made for you. Taking what was difficult about douching before and making it better. We want to always evolve so that we can offer the best douching experience. 

"Douching shouldn't be a chore."

We are obsessed with Du, and we hope you will be too. From our beautiful design to our innovative features. Accessible and revolutionized douching for everyone! 

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